Summery: When Mateo told Isabel she couldn't go into his workshop, Isabel disobayed and made a huge mess. Just as Elena and Luna were talking to Isabelle, a talking book called Superbook takes the trio to the beginning of the world to see what happens when people disobayed.

Characters Edit

  • Isabel
  • Mateo
  • Elena
  • Luna
  • Superbook
  • Michael
  • Lucifer/Satan
  • Adam
  • Eve
  • God

Story Edit

(It's a beautiful day in the kingdom of Avalor. In the palace, Isabel looking through the library trying to find a book about Jaquin stories.)

Isabel: "Sigh" I know it's here somewhere.

(Elena and Luna came into the room.)

Elena: Isa, have you found it yet?

Isabel: Nope. Not yet. "Keeps looking"

Elena: Luna, I'm glad you can stay at the palace.

Luna: Yeah, working is really hard for a Jaquin.

Elena: I see what you mean.

(Isabel came down the stairs carrying a strange-looking book.)

Isabel: Hey guys, look at this book I found.

(Luna and Elena came over as Isabel puts the book down on a table. The book is red with a strange symbol on the front.)

Luna: Huh. I've never seen that book before.

Isabel: I wonder what kind of book it is.

Elena: Well open it and find out.

Isabel: Okay.

(Isabel pulled the cover, but the book didn't open.)

Isabel: Huh?

(She tried again but still nothing.)

Isabelle: I can't open it.

Elena: Let me see if I can.

(Before Elena can try to open the book, Mateo came out of his workshop and closed the painting.)